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Mylingar – Döda själar

mylingar – döda själar

A rage, a tempest, a true sonic attack found its form in Blackened Death under the name of Mylingar. Mylingar are wandering ghosts of unbaptized children from Scandinavian folklore, which is exactly the feeling this frantic, uncontrolled and eerie music gives. Troughout years, they have treated us with the Döda trilogy, concentrated on the motive of death and the sound of chaos.

The trilogy reached its culmination with “Döda Själar”, a form of total and final destruction, the quite literal death of souls. It reeks of something deprived of humanity and led by an animalistic drive into creating a presence that is otherwordly and not trivially evil but in its essence unpleasant.

There is no peace here. A violent and maddening pace of this release finds its forms in blows of primitive urge and emotion on the back of vile, energetic riffs. They combine modern Black/Death sound with dissonance, upbeat passages and other elements in a distinctive, interesting way. They waste no time on meaningless fillers – each second of this record is there to do its part in this imaginatively fearsome torture.

More simply put, this is what I imagine insanity would sound like. Vile, rotten, claustrophobic – in every way disturbing. It is an album (or 2 of them + an EP, for that matter) to really listen and give yourself to, all in order to let it assault you, the best way possible. (Lana)