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Savage Necromancy – Feathers Fall To Flames [Re_Release]

savage necromancy – feathers fall to flames [re_release]


Originally released in 2021 on CD and in two versions on cassette tape, all three by different labels, the album was also picked up by the much larger 20 Buck Spin. The label gave the album a much deserved reissue on both vinyl, cassette tape and CD. Yes, much deserved, ‘Feathers Fall To Flames’ is one hell of a grinding Black/Death Metal album. ‘Feathers Fall To Flames’ is the band’s debut album and a more than worthy follow up to a demo tape (of which the review you can find elsewhere on our VM-Underground pages) and a split EP with Genocidal Sodomy on which the band already paved their way through the narrow borders of the grinding violence that they so convincingly chose.

But who cares about cramped musical paths when you give it your all and deliver it all so authentically and convincingly? These fine two gentleman and lovely lady are more than convincing in their refined sense for musical sophistication: it is not only the black/white cover with red logo and the trademark Chris Moyen cover that speaks volumes… It is basically written all over it, Savage Necromancy, with their so well-chosen band name, is total Archgoat worship. Their blend of Bestial Death Metal and depraved Black Metal is as exquisite as any of Archgoat’s best work. The grinding guitar tone, the staccato pounding including those great untight blast beats and the hoarse barking of their female singer who goes under the name of “Diabolical Fuckwitch Of The Black Flame”, it is all pretty much there and breathes the Archgoat DNA. Yet, they do add a tiny bit of an own flavour to their music, which is a flair of guitar lead. Of course, nothing fancy, but just as ugly and violent as the rest of the album, its is a screaming and somewhat atonal sort of whammy guitar lead that expresses the wild ferocity of the music.

If you love your fair share of Archgoat-tinged bestial Black/Death then you definitely should do yourself a favour to check out ‘Feathers Fall To Flames’. This one gives you the slow grinding parts as well as the furious and frantic speedy sections, the barking vocals and the monstrously heavy sound. Yep, good stuff!

Savage Necromancy

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