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Ulthar – Providence

ulthar – providence

If you asked me in 10 years who the hottest labels were in my 20’s it’d have to be 20 Buck Spin, Maggot Stomp, and Spawn of Flesh. Obviously 20 Buck Spin being the biggest and it’s hard to argue why. They just sign the right bands. And boy oh boy did they hit a jackpot with the band we’re going over today. ULTHAR!!! Just 2 years after their fabulous debut, “Cosmovore” we get more Lovecraftian blackened Death that the band has honed and perfected.

From the almost chant like vocal performance of, “Undying Spear” to the guitar work of, “Furnace Hibernation” you are thrown into a monstrous death vibe that will keep you intrigued time and time again. Always finding different twisting riffs that turn into almost a progressive Black phase giving us glimpses of a more Death Metal sounding Emperor/Immortal, that’s the kind of vibe that I get. Continuous crazy guitar and drums that decimate and a vocal performance on par with that of the last album.

These Oakland Death Metal freaks don’t disappoint with their new album and proves that these guys are here to stay. They 100% have knocked out both full lengths out of the park and when the Covid pandemic is up and we can go to shows again I will drive HOURS to go see these guys. They are up there with some of the new greats and solidified themselves deeply into that lineup. I truly think both of these will stand the test of time and be talked about as interesting death metal albums for years to come. (ThatAustronautGuy)