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Avslut – Tyranni

avslut – tyranni


With Avslut coming from a place like Stockholm, Sweden yours, or maybe just mine, first thought on what type of music you may be encountering with this band is typically Death Metal. And if you, like me, were thinking that, then you would be 100% incorrect. Not absolutely sure why I have this certain bias but nine times out of ten it is spot on but today, today I was wrong, way wrong. For Avslut here are a full on, tear your fucking throat out Black Metal band. For just starting out their life in the year 2016, they have been quite busy. Playing many live shows and tours throughout Europe and on the recording side they have a split, a couple singles, two EPs and two full lengths under their belts. “Tyranni” here being the newest full length, released November 29th, 2019, in their vicious arsenal.

Now, I don’t want to give you all the wrong idea here because not every minute, every second of this album is a brutal assault on your senses. Practically every track has it’s moment or moments of reprieve for you to catch your breath before decimating you again. Which also makes for those flows in a song that I call peaks and valleys that make everything so much more interesting and powerful. If it is always pedal to the medal, balls to the wall ferocity then it just gets stale really quick but with Avslut here you need not worry. For the music contained within “Tyranni” is ferocious, bile spitting madness that can also be melodious and beautiful at times. The closest thing I can come up with to what a comparable band for Avsult would have to be fellow countrymen Dark Funeral. Yet, and I’m sure I will catch some flack for this, I feel Avslut does this sound better. And there is really not much more to say on that.

So, in conclusion, Avslut’s “Tyranni” is a very solid to superb Black Metal album. A really good album from a band that understands how to write and present aggressive Black Metal songs that will not bore the shit out of you. Plus everything sounds amazing, clean and crisp without sounding to sterile and overproduced. A worthy addition to anyone’s collection for sure.


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