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VoidCeremony – Threads Of Unknowing

voidceremony – threads of unknowing


VoidCeremony has been featured on our VM-Underground pages a few times now and each time we were left amazed. The music always delivered an outstanding experience, a wild and extravagant sort Death Metal that is able to pull off the best of the extreme side of the genre but blends in a multi-layered kind of creativity. So it was all joy in the VM-Underground house when the new album was announced, and when it was actually there, we felt not only enthusiasm, but also a kind of pleasant excitement. Because, what could we expect this time?

Well, to start off with some sort of a conclusion. ‘Threads Of Unknowing’ is still very much VoidCeremony, it is still very much multi-layered, wildly creative and it fully lived up to the expectations. Over the span of their existence, VoidCeremony has slowly shifted from a technical kind of Death Metal band to a Death Metal band with a deep-rooted and irresistible urge for blending in unorthodox rhythms, contrarian riffs and otherworldly jazzy song writing. Not all too far removed from what Atheist did on their 1993 released ‘Elements’ album, but drenched in a contemporary sound, full and heavy with a lot of emphasis on texture and finesse. The constantly shifting pace and changing riffs are a real assault to the senses and will definitely be fodder for those who like their Death Metal laced with as many different layers and musical elements as humanly possible.

Of course, that was also the case on the previous recordings by the band, but really, these guys have taken it all a step up – again. It is hardly imaginable how these guys would be outdoing themselves on their next record, but then again, I thought exactly the same after listening to the previous album. When you are into the most technical daring music, ‘Threads Of Unknowing’ is simply not an album you’d want to skip. You just have to love and admire the whirlwind of riffs and drums that seem to knock you off balance each and every time again. A special mention, again, should be made for bassist The Great Righteous Destroyer (or Damon Good to friends and known for his great work in Stargazer, Cauldron Black Ram and Mournful Congregation) whose work is truly of an inhuman and indescribable level, the best man hardly knows an equal in extreme metal and single-handedly lifts the whole product to even greater heights.

If you thought any of the previous VoidCeremony releases were impressive, you are in for a surprise when sinking the needle into the grooves of ‘Thread Of Unknowing’ for the first time. This is completely next level technical Death Metal, it just simply blows away 95% of its peers leaving them, together with us, poor listeners, in awe, not realizing what just happened.

20 Buck Spin

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