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Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot

bütcher – 666 goats carry my chariot


Bütcher, somehow immediately caught my attention. A band name and logo, as well as an album title and cover, which seems like transported from the frenzied vista of Jan Kristian Wåhlin aka “Necrolord” and produced a mind and eye catching effect on me. And now “666 Goats Carry My Chariot” has been going on with me for quite some time. Band names that incorporate an umlaut often indicate something filthy it carries.

This is also the case with Bütcher as they deliver Speed Metal with Thrash, Black and NWOBHM trademarks. In another form, you can also say, it’s Occult and Epic heavy metal, with dusts from first wave Black Metal, and guitar leads of hard rocking magnificence. After the predecessor “Bestial Fükkin’ Warmachine” (Babylon Doom Cult Records, 2017), this sophomore album was recorded in early 2019, at the Voodoosound Studio in Ijmuiden (NL), which engineered and produced by Paul Van Rijswijk and mastered by ingenious Arthur Rizk. Musically, Bütcher operates in a spectrum by the legacy from US, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil. The musical influences are not swept under the carpet. Thrash metal bands from the eighties, such as Exodus, Slayer and Dark Angel and Heavy/Speed metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Agent Steel, Running Wild and Razor are clearly important influences for the sound of Bütcher, but also (proto) Black Metal albums from Venom, Celtic Frost and Darkthorne laid the foundation. These different sounds are continuously implemented in the music by each other. All songs have their own character, so that your attention is kept with the music.

However, the title number deserves a special mention. This takes over nine minutes, which is quite special for a band of this caliber and showed what they have to offer. Also worth mentioning is the snappy and high vocals by R Hellshrieker (ex- Battalion), who shrieks into the mic like a madman and delivered a perfect cross between King Diamond, Iron Maiden and early Venom that fascinatingly ranges from high strikes, to low chants and then again to thrashy screeching. KK Ripper, changes between quieter strumming, screaming solos and black metal riffs. The bass parts of AH Wrathchlyde, ensure that the music gets a nice dirty sound and every now and then you can hear fine bass loops. Drummer LV Speedhämmer, knows how to support the rest well. A lean production was deliberately chosen to make the 80s atmosphere even clearer, that goal has certainly been achieved. Two absolute whiz fingers of KK Ripper and AH Wrathchylde showed the magic of tempo variations, especially in “Iron Bitch”, “Metallström / Face the Bütcher”, “45 RPM Metal”, “Viking Funeral”.

With this new record, Bütcher from Antwerp has announced a second time that they are seriously claiming the Speed Metal crown. Seven songs, an intro and a modest final chord; no more are needed to convince a person, of the immense power, the hellish pace and the great empathy that Bütcher shows. Bütcher is thus delivered a welcome first surprise this year. And it’s kind of fitting that such an entertaining album has been released via prestigious Osmose Productions, which speaks volume and shall stand the taste of time. (Rocky)


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