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Darkestrah – ??nas

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When talking about mixing elements like Black, Pagan, Atmospheric, Epic and Folk…Darkestrah is certainly one of the first bands (and maybe even THE first band) I will mention that will fit perfectly. My first acquaintance with this fine orchestra, originally from Kyrgyzstan, was their beautiful one track album called “Epos” (released in 2007), an album I still listen to frequently. It’s have been 5 years after “The Great Silk Road”, an album that didn’t get the credits it truly deserves. Fortunately the “Khagan” EP was one of high quality again. And so is “Manas”! If you are a Darkestrah follower, you will get what you expect from this band. Kyrgyz Folk passages combined with Atmospheric Black Metal (with pace changes, from fast to gloomy), traditional Folk instruments, this all with the lyrics about Manas, a patriotic tale of a warrior. And of course the trademark vocals of Kriegtalith are present as well, only it will be the last time. She left and the decision was mutual and didn’t involve any kind of quarrel, according to the band. She has been replaced by a male vocalist called Merkith, who is not known of any other activities. But back to “Manas”; you won’t hear anything new. If you enjoyed the songs “Saga of Temudgin” and “Khagan” of the “Khagan” EP, you will definitely like this one as well. I would rather say Darkestrah keeps on releasing high quality and interesting Atmospheric Black Metal. Over and over again…which is, in my opinion, far more difficult than composing something “new”. I’m not saying they aren’t evolving, but just between their own borders and I’m just glad a band like Darkestrah sticks to their guns. I recommend this album to every Darkestrah fan and atmospheric Black Metal adept in general, which is once again a delight for dark nights and headphones! (Ricardo)


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