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Totalselfhatred – Solitude

totalselfhatred – solitude

Finland’s Totalselfhatred and their third effort “Solitude”, the perfect partysquad to turn that frown upside-down. Depressive Black Metal is mostly a hit or miss to my taste as the lo-fi versions are having such a thin sound that it is like scratching nails on a schoolboard or over-the-top tortured shrieking vocals, that even the happiest person around would like to slit her or his wrist wide open. But it is probably the purpose of the specific Depressive Suicidal Black Metal style and I just don’t understand it. Fortunately there are acts like Totalselfhatred who have a suiting production, a melancholic Black Metal scream and gloomy song writing with a melodic yet desolate twist. This will not have a huge impact, nevertheless enjoy the sweetness of solitude. (Ricardo)