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Witchgöat – Egregors Of The Black Faith

witchgöat – egregors of the black faith


If you want to raise the dead, entice the dark lord and his emissaries from the malodorous and pestilential underground or just plain scare the shit out of those that live in the cloistered surroundings of their suburban utopia then you really must get this album.

Witchgöat’s “Egregors of the Black Faith” will do all these things and more. While most of us wouldn’t head to El Salvador to listen to Blackened Thrash, Witchgöat have produced 9 tracks that incorporate savage thrash riffs that merge magnificently with black metal’s raw atmospherics and dark satanism to produce an intense and heavy as fuck music soundtrack to burn down your local church to.

“Egregors of the Black Faith” provides all the required components that this genre requires to physically and mentally assault all your senses and is abundantly evil enough for the diehard black metal devotee with the energetic and rawness of thrash there for all you dyed in the wool thrash heads.

Let me elaborate a little, “Litanies of the Adversary” is a 43 second summoning of all things evil which then leads into “Proliferation of the Dark Souls” which lyrically calls upon said evil things to raise forth and bring hell onto the earth. “Black Vomit of the Souls” and “Emanations from the Underworld” carry on this journey of putridness and bile spewing and then we get to “Putrefaction of Souls” which has some of the best chugging riffs you will ever hear. This is compounded with some of the most paramount lead breaks combined with furious and manic drumming I’ve ever encountered. “Umbra Regit” is sung in Spanish and still has the same foul stench about it and is as good as any blackened thrash track that I’ve heard.

Now, all this, plus the rest of the tracks, are surrounded by relentless melodies, howling and shrieking vocals that are violently combined with guitar solos that build behind each track and sit above the rest of this hurricane force cacophony.

I’ve done a few Blackened thrash reviews recently and this debut one is right up there with the best of them and dare I say it, given time, further album releases of this quality and more experience, Witchgöat could provide the near perfection of Aura Noir, who for me are the undisputed virtuosos of this genre. That should start of few conversations amongst you readers. Longstretch’s best evil laugh.


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