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Feral – Where Dead Dreams Dwell

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Yeah! First notes and you know where you are! Sweden in the late 80’s – very early 90’s… is it Dismember? Grave? Or maybe we are in 2015 with the Swedish rock ‘n’ death renewal? Entrails then? Mmh, probably yes! Actually Feral is a Swedish band born in 2003, from the ashes of Valmer & Hook, which played some “black ‘n’ roll”. In 2011 their first LP “Dragged to the Altar” already brought them to the most “keep an eye on”-bands list. After a split with Revel in Flesh, Feral is back with a new full length signed by Cyclone Empire, another proof of excellent quality. If you don’t like the quoted bands, then don’t go further. But if you do, then yes, here is high quality death rolling! Great sound as deep as we expect, good vocals with enough variety for the genre, good rocking elements all along the album, (very) short breaks and great (rare) solos, makes the whole thing almost faultless. The only reproach I could think of is the similarities with the quoted bands. But after a few listening, it will convince that Feral has its own formula which is often better. The artwork by Costin Chioreanu gives great satisfaction for the object, so be fast if you want one the 500 copies of the vinyl version! On conclusion: have no hesitation if you look for a very good record in that field, you won’t regret! Where no life dwells? That’s Where Dead Dreams Dwell! (RMM)