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God Disease – Drifting Towards Inevitable Death

god disease – drifting towards inevitable death

Seamlessly melding the dissonant melancholy of Black Metal, the cavernous atmosphere of Incantation-style Death Metal and the low depths of filth soaked Funeral Doom, Helsinki’s God Disease prominently exhibit clear influence from their home country’s rich music history while tailoring a sound of their own. Formed in 2010, the five piece have been very active in the European scene, touring several countries and releasing 4 well received EPs (“Crawling Out of The Coffin” 2013, “Abyss Cathedral” 2014, “Doom Howler” 2015, “Rebirth of Horror” 2016), each evolving their sound further into the Death/Doom aesthetic.

Their debut full length opus, “Drifting Towards Inevitable Death” was finally released in early 2019. Despondent intestinal vocal outbursts erupt forth above trancelike rhythmic structures with an emphasis on layered intricacy between the members, particularly the work of the twin guitarists, for greater sonic clarity and diversity. Dynamically arranged throughout, the band opt to use downtuned clean passages (like the intro to “At The Pillars of Kadatheron”) and extended periods of harmonic feedback to accentuate their compositional variety and build to intensely heavy crescendos.

Reminiscent of British doom metal stalwarts Solstice (particularly on the riff based opening track, “Descending Into Abyss”), My Dying Bride and even early Cathedral in parts, the album never descends into monotony, offering ever changing movements from stripped down syncopation to unusual arpeggiated chord passages and tremolo picked lead lines. A massive improvement from their previous releases, the production on the full length is stellar, showcasing each instrument distinctly. The bass and drums, usually hidden behind a wall of distortion, are the reliable heartbeat of the instrumentation, providing the aforementioned ‘trancelike’ feeling below the guttural growls and the precise orchestration of the guitar work.

An immensely strong debut with authenticity, intensity and misery. (MD)