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Chapel of Disease – The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art

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Chapel of Disease from Germany think Death Metal is the art which should be exhibited by them. I agree. The guys of Chapel of Disease think this particular art is best played in the Old School way. I agree. They also thought “Hey…if we add some doom ideas, it will also be dark as hell”. I agree. I think you can add up the numbers…”The Mystrious Ways of Repetitive Art” is the follow-up of their “Summoning Black Gods” debut, and if you are familiar with that album, you will certainly hear progression. The opening track is an instrumental but certainly grabs my attention. It starts with a dragging Doom riff but it evolves into a Tribulation’s “Formulas of Death” like song. Before you think this will turn out into a Tribulation, Horrendous or Morbus Chron kind of Death Metal, when “The Dreaming of the Flame” kicks in, it’s all Old School Death Metal again in the vein of old Death, Asphyx and Pestilence. Old Death because of the riffs, old Asphyx because of the Doom parts and Pestilence because of the surprising alterations within a track. The track “Lord of all Death” is good example, while “Symoblic Realms” even has some old Black Sabbath vibe as well. Variety all over the place and definitely an interesting album of which is possible that it takes some time to grow. (Ricardo)

F.D.A. Records

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