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Lifeless – Godconstruct

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The second full-length of these German self-called Traditional Death Metal combo is a damn fine one! Yes, I already gave you the verdict at the beginning…almost like an old thriller novel where everybody knows the butler did it. “Godconstruct” is definitely Traditional Death Metal of the early 1990s era and without doubt these guys have an album or two of the Swedish scene in their collections…probably Dismember and Carnage. The song structures and the use of aggressive yet melodic riffs are especially the link with Dismember. On “Blood for the Gods” they also throw in the more melodic side of Dismember like during the end of their career. When the speed increases I couldn’t help to think of early Vomitory. I don’t know if it is done on purpose, but it seems the tracklist is divided in 3 parts, it starts all old Swedish Death Metal, with “Blood on Gods” the more melodic stuff kicks in and it ends with tracks which has more groove. But that’s just nitpicking as “Godconstruct” is a good album. (Ricardo)