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Obscure Infinity – Perpetual Descending into Nothingness

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Sometimes it’s difficult to review an album. Finding the right words, expectations, certain sympathy for the band and/or bandmembers…all these factors can make it difficult. I’m listening to “Perpetual Descending into Nothingness” for the 20th time now and although it grabs me, I thought, with the knowledge of being fond of the previous album, the third album of these Germans would grab me more. I consider “Putrefying Illusions” as 1990’s Swedish Blackened Death Metal in the vein of Dissection’s “The Somberlain” and Unanimated’s “In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead”. And although these influences are still present, Obscure Infinity created a more own identity on this album. Better said, they take certain twists within a track you wouldn’t hear on those aforementioned albums. And it is not like those twists are something completely different, it’s more like emphasis towards Thrash or Death Metal. And yes, I know…both elements are 100% present on the Unanimated and Dissection albums, but the keyword is “emphasis”. The homage to Sodom’s “Agent Orange” during “Descending into Nothingness” is a good example, if I may say so myself. Or the blasting Death Metal opening of “From Odium and Disease”, just to name another one. Conclusion? The third album of Obscure Infinity is a more than decent 1990’s Swedish Blackened Death Metal with a face of its own and great solos. Only I didn’t expect this result and maybe I hoped a bit too much for a 100% continuation of the 1990s style. But fuck me and check this album out if you are still interested in this particular style, you won’t regret it! (Ricardo)