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Toadeater – Bexadde

toadeater – bexadde


Toadeater, what does Toadeater mean? Well, a toadeater by definition is; “said to allude to an old alleged practice among mountebanks, who would hire a boy to eat (or pretend to eat) toads, which many had considered poisonous. The toadeater (or “toady”) would pretend to writhe in pain, until the quack gave him some “medicine”, and then try to impress upon the crowd that the boy was cured.” (per Wiktionary)

Toadeater, a Post-Black Metal band, were born out of the crumblings from within the Punk/Hardcore scene. Where they were unsatisfied with their respective bands unproductivity and their own lack of musical freedom and creativness. Deciding to try something different and new (to them), said band was started in the year of 2018.

And this relatively young band from Osnabrück, Lower Saxony Germany have been seemingly trying to make up for their uneventful past. Being rather, no extremely, productive in their short five-ish year existence. Starting with a demo the year of their creation right into their debut full-length the next year, 2019, in ‘Codex’. 2020 brought us two releases in the forms of an EP, ‘Hestia’, and full-length ‘Bit To Ewigen Daogen’. And now, well actually in 2022, we have a third and new full-length in ‘Bexadde’.

My first experience with Toadeater was ‘Bit To Ewigen Daogen’. While I love myself some (ok, a lot) of Post-Black Metal and while I did find things that I thoroughly enjoyed on said album. Their was just something that didn’t seem to sit right with me. While these fine people seemed to have the ability, the talent and the knowledge to pull off this style. It just wasn’t hitting home the way the potential it held made it felt like it should. As if it were rushed and not given the time to mature that it needed. I had felt like I had been duped by a swindler and his toadeater.

And like most susceptible to being duped, I came right back. Which brings us back to September 9th, 2022 and the release of ‘Bexadde’. Now, unlike most swindlers drawing you back in, Toadeater have returned with a markedly improved product and not just a re-relabeling of the same thing from last time around. What we do find within said product is growth, wisdom, maturity, layers and a new appreciation and exploration within their own art. ‘Bexadde’ is four tracks; clocking in at around fourty-four minutes, of abrassive, claustrophobic, lush, spacious, memorable and even catchy pieces of art that trancends the Post-Black Metal tag. Full of all the highs and lows, points and counter points, that keep long form musical pieces interesting and habit forming, continually drawing you back time and time again. A truly beautiful masterpiece.

Another amazing aspect of this album just so happens to be the dark yet very bold and strikingly eye catching cover art. ‘Beholding the complexity of death’ by Rafael Pascuale Zamora is a downright, otherworldly masterpiece. An absolute masterpiece of a painting gracing the cover of a true masterpiece piece of the muscial arts is just flat out serendipity.

Finally, to take creative liscence with an old saying. Dupe me once, shame one you. Blow me away completely the second time, good on you. Good on you for sure Toadeater, ‘Bexadde’ is fucking brilliant.


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