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Blackevil – The Ceremonial Fire

blackevil – the ceremonial fire

Wooooooahhh!!!! Maybe this word could have been enough for a review…it’s just my exclamation when I first listened to the debut full length of these German guys. Everything on this earth concerning sounds and music similar to the glorious band called Desaster is for me something that moves my inner feeling, cause I fuckin love Desaster, I know them personally as friends and their true music is too important in my life. Ok, stop with melodramatic feelings now and talking about Blackevil, what is left to say? Their music is a vicious mix of Desaster and Sodom of course, all sounds perfect..the right dose of epic, sword and sorcery is so fuckin’ lethal and the way they create this black magic atmosphere is nice for this who love the genre. Recommended for those who still think that no keyboards are needed to create magic and atmosphere! (Cris Pervertor)