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Massive Assault – Mortar

massive assault – mortar

This another killer release by one of my favorite bands from The Netherlands. Massive Assault has impressed me with all previous efforts. And…they continue to do just that. This is another brutal and ferociously savage sounding album called “Mortar”. Song to song just like a mortar and a battle ram in your face type of technical assaulting sound. In the likes of bands like Mandatory, Nihilist, Bolt Thrower, Grave and God Dethroned. Expect nothing less. This is the type of Death Metal that never gets old or boring. Massive Assault have made a name for themselves coming from a country that has had numerous top notch bands. This will definitely please fans of great Dutch Death Metal bands. Just bad ass and killer! Worth while! Two thumbs up! Get ready to be brutalized! (Kenneth Necroholocausto Asker)