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Wound – Engrained

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Germany has shown to be one of the best spots for extreme metal in recent years. Wound are one of them. I still really dig their debut album „Inhale the Void“ with that dark and gloomy atmosphere. „Engrained“ is the second full length and will be released in January 2017 by FDA Records(changed name from Rekotz to Records now). The new output has a lot to offer. Crusty up tempo beats, (Entombed) in combination with melodic shredding(Unanimated), some doomy stuff here and there to make this death metal piece tasty and delicious. A good effort, sadly not on pair with the amazing debut album which already had me after the first spin. But like some other examples, never say never, it might be a grower that still has to reach its potential first. Worth a listen for sure. (DPF)