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Revolting – Visages of the Unspeakable

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“Visages of the Unspeakable” is the fifth full-length album of Revolting – one of the many projects of the unsroppable Swede Rogga Johansson who goes here by the name of Revolting Rogga. If his name rings your bell then you should already know what to expect – pure oldschool Swedish death metal worship. And in this particular case,the death metal that is here on offer is top class! “Shunned to the Shadows” opens the record with intro of playing violins after which the merciless guitar riffs and the galloping rhythm section start crushing your skull. Besides Rogga,the other two members of Revolting are Grotesque Tobias on bass and Mutated Martin on drums,both from the Swedish death metal band Necropolis. “The Whispers of the Hanged” is one of my favourite tracks from the album with its melodic guitar passages and thrashy riffing. Besides the typical death metal heaviness and aggression, Revolting’s music has lots of groove in it like in the impressive “Dagger-clawed Chaos” (sounding like the good old In Flames from “The Jester Race” period) and “Riddled With Worms” which starts with an 8-bit Mario Bros melody and then transforms into a death metal madness. The production of “Visages of the Unspeakable” is on a top level and Rogga’s growls proove that he is one of the best extreme metal vocalists in Sweden today. In case you are into Swedish death metal then do yourself a favour and get this album because this may be one of the best releases for 2015! (Zvetan)