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Incarceration – Catharsis

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Brazilian/German trio Incarceration are now finally smashing out their debut for FDA Rekotz with the cool title “Catharsis”. 30 minutes of death metal the ancient way, taking their previous savage sound to a new level. Still in your face, still simple yet crushing death metal that reminds most of Interment, with really sick vocals making you chant, or better scream along the songs in a hysterical way, like it should be when you listen to the ancient sounds of horror. Not just copy themselves, Incarceration were able to extend their sound to a more atmospheric, doomy sound here and there with the result of more variation of the bands musical assault which is something I wish more bands would try to do. Instrumental tracks are a part of the game too, with perhaps the acoustic guitar instrumental which comes closest to Morbid Angel`s “Desolate Ways” I have ever heard. Fantastic. Fans of punkish, Sweden like death metal should instantly buy this record. (DPF)