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Fleshcrawl – Festering Thoughts From A Grave [Compilation]

fleshcrawl – festering thoughts from a grave [compilation]


If I told you that we at VM-Underground have nothing to do with Old School Death Metal and despise it even , you would probably a) laugh at me or b) call a mental institute or c) kick me in the groin and yelling at me that there are consequences for talking shit. And I can’t fool you, as the name “Fleshcrawl” has been flying around a lot in this issue. And previous ones even. After years of silence Fleshcrawl have released new material and it’s the perfect time to release some old material as well. Even from the days they were called Suffocation. As you all know, there also is a certain band called Suffocation so they changed the name into Fleshcrawl. Maybe it has something to do with Autopsy’s “Mental Funeral”…although it has been released in the same year as the change of the band moniker. This compilation starts with the Suffocation demo “Mummified Thoughts” which was released back in 1990. The sound of the demo is remastered by Ancient Way Mastering and they did a very good job. Back then Suffocation played Thrash Metal which was a mixture of Teutonic Thrash and the American style and the vocals of Alex Pretzer were more in the late 1980s crossover style. With the “Festering Flesh” demo (1991), Suffocation turned into an Old School Death Metal band with ditto vocals. Can’t say it’s groundbreaking material you will hear, but just enjoyable OSDM that is common in Europe in the early 1990s. After the demo Suffocation got dropped and Fleshcrawl entered the stage and recorded the “Lost in a Grave” 7” which got released by Morbid Records. The Old School Death Metal evolved and is a good mix of the European and the US scene as it varies from Doom/Death passages and up-tempo moshing Death Metal. As cherry on the cake you will get a booklet with liner notes of the founding members along with ld photos and flyers. Consider yourself an OSDM fanatic and collector, your money is well spend on this one.

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