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Infected Virulence – Music of Melkor [Re-release)

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The story behind Infected Virulence isn’t really an exciting one, nor a long one. Founded back in Germany in 1991 and recorded a 6-track demo a year later. This demo is re-released on CD by OSDM Music Records in 2015, but it was limited to 150 copies, so quite understandable you don’t have a copy in your collection. Or never knew there was a rerelease because there was no promotion of the release. Probably the latter. Moving on to their debut album “Music of Melkor”, which was a self-released album back in 1994. In the beginning of 2016, Raw Skull Rekordz considered this album should be available again. “Music of Melkor” is on decent Old School Death Metal album. Period. These Germans took a good look at the English scene (Benediction and especially Bolt Thrower (groove, mid-tempo riffs and vocalist Hartmann Kufner has a Karl Willets thing going on) and their own Morgoth (when it gets up-tempo). Also there are some melody lines on this album which gives me an Eternal Solstice flashback (something you hear on “Mask the Face of Death” or “Culpable Homicide”. As mentioned before, a decent Old School Death Metal album. It won’t knock you of your feet but overall it is a good listen without any doubt. (Ricardo)