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Just Before Dawn – An Army at Dawn

just before dawn – an army at dawn


War is a constant theme in Metal, it always has been, and always will be. So much inspiration can be taken from the struggles of our soldiers, and all else who served and still serve their countries during times of conflict, so it is a very hard thing to ignore. Forget the ones that glorify, the ones that try and take a political or ethical stand on such subjects, because since the dawn of time mankind has tried to do his (or hers, cue Monty Python) very best to kick the living shite out of anyone that disagreed with their views on religion, who owns what land, who has the most oil, the better view of the sea, or just foolishly aligned themselves with the side that lost. War is a fact. We will see it again, we are but human, and humans are inherently stupid. Now, having gotten that out of the way, I’m here to tell you about some more warriors, so, stand at ease people, these ones will only kill you with music, and I for one would rather die by the stereo than by the bullet or the knife.

Just Before Dawn have been around for a while, and have not only kept the fires burning for all the fans of bands such as Hail of Bullets and Bolt Thrower, they have carved their very own trench in the landscape of war inspired Death Metal. Yes, while the tank treads fell off a few on the way, you began to hear the faint whine of a new engine starting up, and before we knew it they had already got behind our position, and have been raining sheer bloody hell ever since.

You want to feel like you are crouching in a ditch as shells rain down upon you, helpless, out of ammo and you are about to draw your last breath? This is the shit. You can feel the mud beneath your feet, and smell the blood of your fellow soldiers as it seeps slowly into the ground behind you as you shake in fear. You have no choice but to stand your ground, and look on in awe as JBD wreak havoc, and luckily for you, they will let you live, and no doubt you will be like the others that have survived and will join their cause. I will proudly carry their banner any day.

“An Army at Dawn” needs no dissecting, it is what it fucking is. Blow by HM-2 ridden blow. If you aren’t already a fan, you will have to get past the shellshock first, and to quote a famous movie, “Keep the sand out of your weapons, keep those actions clear. I’ll see you on the beach.” (The Great Mackintosh)

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