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Incinerator – Concept Of Cruelty

incinerator – concept of cruelty

Sometimes it is all about adding up the numbers when you start reviewing a release. 1) An Old School Death Metal label is releasing it and 2) The reputation of releasing quality is known. That’s it! Sometimes you don’t need more information to get started or pick something up.

Both Raw Skull Recordz and Rest in Pain Records have released a fine Old School Death Metal album with Incinerator from The Netherlands, the first one responsible for the CD version while the second one has released it on cassette. The foundation the Death Metal is build on is as Dutch as it can be and when I tell you the bands, you will recognize the connection. It all has a strong Asphyx / Soulburn’s “Feeding on Angels” / Pentacle vibe, with Asphyx and Soulburn as the songwriting part en Wannes Gubbels, known for his work with Pentacle, Soulburn (vocals on “Feeding on Angels”) and Asphyx (vocals on “On The Wings of Inferno”), for the vocals part. Once could easily mention Martin van Drunen, but I think the vocals are just an inch darker and lower. But one is not ready with only a foundation, so Incinerator throws in some fine Dismember riffs and melodies to cheer the place up. Overall this has pace-variation as well as fierceness combined with those typical Old School Death Metal melody lines, without loosing the brutality.

As said, a fine piece of Old School Death Metal that is certainly worth your money. (Ricardo)