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Abrupt Demise – The Pleasure to Kill and Grind

abrupt demise – the pleasure to kill and grind

This review is hard. Mainly because I have always used the term “you will meet your abrupt demise” at the end of so many reviews, and now I can’t use it. It’s obvious isn’t it. These cunts have left me with little room to move, but I will do my best..

Anything that starts with a Game of Thrones line or two already has my attention. When the first track “End of Life ” kicks in, well it certainly has a kick like an armoured mule in a very bad mood. One cannot help but think of Cannibal Corpse, in delivery and style, and yet Abrupt Demise then pull a switch on you, and you are instantly hooked. Riffs. riffs, and more riffs. Almost a groove, and instantly addictive. Kinda like Fulci, reminds me a bit of Scaphism, but so much heavy to throw around, and by the seven gods don’t they do just fucking that.

“Cannibal” is the pick of the bunch, for whom the bell tolls indeed, and after a short soundbite about some sick fucker, you get the bassline from hell, and a swift kick in the jacksie riff wise. Absolute brilliance. It’s almost floaty, but we all float down here, then the tempo changes, and then they give you the thrashing of a lifetime. Amazeballs really, just when you think you’ve got em down pat, they give you the finger, and you just need to keep listening. Never a boring moment.

“Human Mince” is another interesting little ditty, sounds like our old mate Jeffery lional Dahmer having a chat, I could be wrong, and look him up anyway for shits and giggles if you aren’t aware of who he was, before this song turns you into a steak tartare of massive proportions. This is riff central, and you are having your skin removed in layers as we speak. “Machines of Blood” does exactly start off sounding very machine like, then you realise that these machines are out of control, and intent on grinding you into a pulp, seems to be a theme with Abrupt Demise, let’s crush all of our listeners with immense waves of savagely violent material, and hope they survive. I like this idea, a lot.

One more for the road, closer “The Pleasure to Kill and Grind”, is nothing but a brilliantly well paced piece that may or may not begin with a bit of Aileen Wurnos. You wanna kill some fucker and torture them, here is your soundtrack. I am not a musician, so I often speak in the way that things affect me, and this album has well affected me. This is magnificent, unpredictable madness.

Having thought about it, I can modify my line from the start a little. How about, “This is Abrupt Demise, you will be glad to have met them”. Yeah, and that’s a bloody solid fact maties! (The Great Mackintosh)