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Gravebomb – Rot In Putrid Filth

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There are a lot of bands nowadays trying to resemble the classic Dismember and early Entombed sound. Gravebomb is no exception to this trend but they are one of the few that have a sound very close to those Swedish gods! Some of the riffs of their debut album “Rot In Putrid Filth” could easily be in an hypothetic (let me dare to dream about the possibility) new Dismember album and everyone would have a hard time trying to find the differences. Oh, of course, they’re from Sweden… The album starts out with a small and simple piano intro. I simply love it because it fits perfectly on the overall atmosphere of the record, setting your fear levels to the maximum and getting you ready for what’s coming for you on the next 40 minutes! And what’s next is a heavy dose of classic Swedish buzzsaw death metal over ten amazing tracks (11 with the intro) with an exceptional level of musical performance.Excellent and promising debut from the four-piece band from Gothenburg, which was recorded and mixed at Fvck Life Studios by Fred Forsberg and mastered at Sunlight Studio (where else?) by “master of mastering” Tomas Skogsberg, producer of a huge list of classic albums (Afflicted, Amorhpis, At the Gates, Carnage, Disharmonic Orchestra, Interment, among several others).Very new to the scene, Gravebomb is active since 2015 and their debut album is only available digitally (Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube and CDbaby). This recording definitely deserves a proper physical release (still unavailable by the time this review was written). However, the band has already announced on their facebook page that a physical version will be available in the future, which made me put some money aside to buy it as soon as it is out. So, don’t waste a second more… (Antonio)


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