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Krabathor – The Rise of Brutality [EP]

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The roots of Krabathor lies way before the birthdates of many members of some new Old School Death Metal bands. Cristopher started it all back in 1984. After many moniker changes and demos, Cristopher, Bruno and company released their debut “Only Our Death Is Welcome…” in 1992. Back then it was a blend of Thrash and Old School Death Metal, with some hints of old Sepultura (listen to the beginning of “Eternal”). Not the most noticeable album in history of Old School Death Metal, but personally it doesn’t bore me one second and I listen throughout the whole album when I put it on. But I have to be honest, it’s the “when” part that makes the difference. On the second album, “Cool Mortification”, you definitely can hear progress, although it’s released only a year later. Less raw, but better leads and use of staccato riffs. If you haven’t heard this album yet, I recommended it to check it out. Before the release of “Lies” in 1995, there was a an EP release called “The Rise of Brutality” as a limited 7” by Deathvastation Productions ? as teaser. And Dutch Old School Death Meal label Raw Skull Recordz picked the EP up to re-release it on CD with bonus material. While listening to the EP, you will notice a slight difference with the previous two albums. Although the thrashy edge is still present, it became less and evolved in more uptempo Death Metal in the vein of old Deicide combined with hints of old Cannibal Corpse (just hear the beginning of “The Truth About Lies”) and old Pestilence (again, the beginning of “Unnecessarity”). As bonus you will find a track of their first demo “Breath of Death” and a track which featured as bonus on the “Orthodox” picture LP (you will hear that the growls are lower on this track). It’s an enjoyable listen for sure and a good addition for the “K” section. (Ricardo)


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