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Imperialist – Cipher

imperialist – cipher

Brace yourself space travellers. The intergalactic Black/Thrash Metal band Imperialist redefines your state of mind. The band from California takes the black/thrash greatness of Dissection and Necrophobic and transport it into the cold, dark, and endless space. Icy riffs, scraped vocals, and bitter melodies build the fundament of the thrashy Black Metal songs that reach for the stars.

After the string based first track the electric guitars kick in and the atmosphere begins to build with crisp drums before the Black Metal vocals take us on a journey through the blackness of space.

The song writing is tight and expansive, and “Cipher” is a record of dizzying highs and impressive scale. Ambitious, sprawling Black Metal that isn’t blackgaze is hard to find, so grab Imperialist while you can. The 51 minutes are a journey in to the deepest and darkest aspects of a futuristic blackness that is as disturbing as it is beautiful. (HaCeBo)