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Consecration – Cinis

consecration – cinis

If slow, chugging and methodical Death/Doom Metal is your kind of thing, then ‘Cinis’, the third full length offering from Norfolk band Consecration just might be what you are looking for. Mixing a sound like the cavernous depths of the abyss with softer melodic interludes, Consecration’s hour long opus never truly opens the taps on full blown extremity, but rather creeps and crawls along exuding a foul odour of decay in its wake, and an overbearing sense of menace throughout. Similar to the Death/Doom sounds of the early 90’s, the Anathema/Paradise Lost influence is an obvious comparison, and yet Consecration in my opinion manage to mark their own stamp and the changeability between sulphurous, malicious riff-age and softer, more technical interludes creates an ominous atmosphere with brief moments of light peeking through the gloom.

Despite the lengthy tenure of the album, it never out stays its welcome. If I was asked to choose I’d opt for opening track ‘The Dweller in the Tumulus’ as my favourite track. Not only does it have gravelly sinister vocals, and meaty hook laden riffs, but also sports a groove laden rhythm that trickles from the speakers like molasses. Overall though I’d say that the album art truly sums up what this release is about. A decomposing figure rising from his grave and spewing forth a tirade of murk, evil and loathing into the air. Consecration is the living musical embodiment of that very concept! (Luke Hayhurst)