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Morgued – Demo 2020 [Demo]

morgued – demo 2020 [demo]

A 3-track demo of Old School Death Metal with a raw demo fitting sound and released on cassette. Just like the late 80s/early 90s. Did a time traveller alter the future again? Is Ronald Reagan president of the USA? What about Chernobyl…and is my favourite football team NAC Breda being managed by a bunch of cunts still? Nope on Reagan, Chernobyl is a shithole still and of course they are! Like a time traveller could change the outcome of the last question…

Back to Morgued and their sci-fi space horror themed demo which has a huge DIY vibe and that is something to my liking ofcourse. With oozing slimy early 90s Death Metal which is mostly mid-tempo but has enough variation in pace, Morgued keeps it straight to the point and effective. Like Autopsy and Pungent Stench did it and therefore this demo is quite enjoyable. (Ricardo)