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Decrepisy – Emetic Communion

decrepisy – emetic communion

Still have goosebumps typing this, “Emetic Communion” by Portland based quartet, Decrepisy, hands down one of THE best albums you’ll get to hear for 2021, even with the ephemeral instrumental “Anxiety Womb”.

Prompted by an existence to deteriorate approach, what’s enchanting is their aptitude to devise nefariously proficient structures, leaving you in awe, particularly in “Dissipating Form”. Their capabilities to evoke ambiance oscillating from funereal to retaliatory is alluring, emphasized during “Abbatoir of Sorrow”. Integrating members active in Acephalix, Grave Dust, Hell Strike, & Ascended Dead, there’s no way in hell the music will fall flat.

Unaware of the cover artist but a black & a white variation, observe a fallen corpse with withered wings carrying a corpse torso up, minimal yet effectual first impression. Ideal for roaming ossuaries such as Catacombs of Paris or Palermo Capuchin, or a stroll in an extensive mausoleum, you may think five tracks is a gyp but you’re wrong, 35 lush minutes of depravity is perfect. “Dissipating Form”, undoubtedly one of the best intros for a premiere release I’ve heard in a while. Compelling with vigorous riffs infused with robust drum work & those atonal boorish gutturals knocks you on your ass!

Only gets better with title track “Emetic Communion”, as the riffs take center stage with drums to accompany the riffs, resulting in congenial rhythm & incessant headbanging. Personal favorite and one of the shorter tracks (6:28) “Embodied Decomposition”, substantial contrast of resonating cavernous tone with phantasmic quixotic riffs yet confined from the bulky impenetrable drumming & more highlights for bass work to close this appealing tune out. “Abbatoir of Sorrow”, feels as if you came across a concealed temple, unveiling lapidified cadavers, resurrecting a ghastly spiritual entity, enduring the inevitable demise. Concludes with “Anxiety Womb”, perilous synth track, ominous yet gentle.

Don’t sleep on this! (Tori Belle)