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Mudlung – Immaculate Infection

mudlung – immaculate infection

According to Spectakoo wiki, “Mudlung ” if seen, is an omen of death; it’s also couple of members’ alias from Minneapolis trio who’ve been releasing music since 2019, with “Immaculate Infection” their 3rd EP to come to light. Going by monikers Crungeling (bass), Mud (drums, vocals), & Lung (guitars, vocals), venture into a pure, unrefined, squalid quality that metalheads can appreciate.

Initial glance at the album cover done by Rancy Neagan, similar features to Broken Hope’s “The Bowels of Repugnance ” but with less guts & more fingers.

Their previous two EPs, Mudlung sticks with a formula parallel to “Neurodegenerative Consumption” compared to strictly grindcore “Flaying An Angel”; songs within average frame, teetering with couple shorter tracks, sustaining organic production that’s rugged & potent. Four putrid offerings presented, observing nearly fifteen minutes of listening & according to Neagan, this was all recorded live with exception of solo piece in the first song.

Intro & longest track, “Vile Deglutition”, interprets to “foul swallowing”, an ominous menacing , slight beastly noise followed by muffled cries sounding like Beaker from The Muppets, steadily expediting the tempo, halfway hear throaty vocals emerging from opaque, viscous, excess filth.

Guest performance by guitarist Skorpian, active in Cokskar & formerly False, around the 3:10 point, adding fine detail. “Gristle” is instantly fast paced, grind composition with alternating vocals bouncing between raspy highs and guttural lows, no frills attitude. “Psilosepsis” when broken down means stripped bare bacterial infection. Odd audio sample with piano background, reminiscent of notorious “2 girls one cup”. Prominent bass kicks in, swapping alternating vocals, grindcore blasts with Death Metal cadence, slick punchy riffs, and unhindered attributes. “Phantasmic Torment”, Crungeling’s bass is notable, accentuating all aspects, keeping their sound lively & showcasing prime variety within combined genres mentioned. Can’t wait for more! (Tori Belle)