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Come Back From the Dead – Caro Data Vermibus [EP]

come back from the dead – caro data vermibus [ep]

Channeling the vile filth of the Scandinavian sound and an unhealthy dose of punk like energy, these purveyors of Spanish darkness unite to create some horrific death metal aggression. Boasting a plethora of the Galicia region’s most respected musicians including members and ex members from bands such as Machetazo, Nashgul and Bokluk, its no surprise that Come Back From The Dead are becoming a name in the underground scene. Now supported by notable talent finders, Transcending Obscurity for their upcoming sophomore album (The Rise of the Blind Ones), we can expect much more from this great act soon.

Following on from their superb 2014 full length album (entitled “The Coffin Earth’s Entrails”), Caro Data Vermibus feels like the short step between Clandestine and Wolverine Blues, taking the best of both and injecting it with a burst of life. From the obvious crust elements of the opening track, “Vomits of a Demonic Infestation” to the slow death n roll groove of the title track, the dynamic diversity is on point and gives a great all round impression of the versatility of the musicians in the band. Perhaps most notable is the use of lead parts throughout the EP to great effect (ie in the final track “Carnivorous Craving From Beyond”). Accentuating the musicianship is a very upbeat and audible production expertly handled by Henrik Jonsson (of Bloodbath, Grave and Unleashed fame).

Perhaps the only major complaint I have is that the EP is too short. Thankfully, it flows well and begs to be replayed but I eagerly await the upcoming album. (MD)