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Deconsecration – Demo [Demo]

deconsecration – demo [demo]

This year many good demos have been released and Deconsecration from Seattle, Washington is one of the Death/Doom bands of which I have the opportunity to hear. With the bright cover colours and interesting artwork I wanted to dive into their world of darkness.

The haunting intro to the growling sound and the melodious guitar made me drown in death.  The song “Death Scars” really left an impression while the good combination between two guitars and the old school drumming part you can hear on “Galvanized”,  makes this song even more interesting. Damn! It reminds me of Hooded Menace man…Aaarghhh!

The mood swings are more prominent in the song “Ghost” making Deconsecration more aggressive and energetic in exploring the mysterious realms. “Imploding Ascent” is my favourite song on this demo, the mixture of a Black Metal sound with a deep growling vocal, changing drum beats and fantastic guitar riffs, makes me forget the slow tempo of the previous songs. Deconsecration are able to make more with what they have, looking forward to hear the next tunes of Doom! Great job guys!

To the demo hunter, Its time to keep Deconsecration in your Death/Doom library! (MKD)