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Eternal Lies – Burning The Nest

eternal lies – burning the nest

The Swedish Melodic Death Metal scene and sound of the 1990s, some are loving it while others are just despising it for all the melodic hoo-hah, wankery or the blend with Black Metal and cherish their Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Asphyx albums even more than before. I for one was and still is a huge fan of the typical style and enjoy the more unknown acts like Moaning Wind, Sacrilege and Cardinal Sin as well, although I have to add I didn’t really get into the wave of bands that came right after who had a more modern and groovy approach. In my opinion it mostly decreased the level of good riffs and intensity.

Eternal Lies from Sweden is, fortunately for me, more a band of the first wave sort of speak. Reformed in 2015, after releasing a demo and their debut (“Spiritual Deception”) in 2002, and showing their musical skills on their fine second album “Burning the Nest” of which the songs were written between 2003 and 2004. Sure, there is a slight modern Thrash influence present, a bit The Forsaken like, but the resemblance with the early Gothenburg scene is dominant. They will not top the masters, but you can definitely check this one out if you are still enjoying albums like A Canorous Quintet’s “Silence of the World Beyond”, Sacrilege’s “Lost in the Beauty You Slay” and In Thy Dreams’ “The Gate of Pleasure”, or any other WAR Music and No Fashion release in the same style. (Ricardo)