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Ahna – Crimson Dawn

ahna – crimson dawn

Smorgasbord… Canadian quartet Ahna are a smorgasbord of sounds, influences and styles. Overwhelmingly fuzz drenched, a perpetual darkness is created throughout “Crimson Dawn” that could swallow Vancouver whole. Broken down to their essential parts, Ahna are a Sludge Doom Metal band of a very similar vein to Swedish band Serpent Omega, even down to the murky female vocals which seem to drag themselves out of a physical gloom. However the relentless pace of the album, as well as the grime and filth that clings to the riffs and bass, lends Ahna a solid core of crusty sound. The drumming is pure early 90’s Death Metal and the riffs have a coldness about them reminiscent of early Black Metal. “Crimson Dawn”, the bands sophomore full length release, is a conglomeration, a gathering of influences.

It grows on you too. My first time hearing this album it didn’t exactly rock my work but by the third and fourth repeat it had started to unveil to me it’s secrets. As time crawls by the vocals unleash their full fury, the groove drenched riffs rise and fall with crushing regularity and all the while the bass thunders. Ahna are an old school band. Their image and presentation tallies well with the blackened reverb drenched Death/Doom they create. Their output also speaks of a hard working band with an old school ethic, and their vast string of demo, EP and split releases are testament to their drive! “Crimson Dawn” is a slow burner but a filthy little gem all the same. Give it time and this will be a firm favourite. (Heathen of the Horde)