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Dødskvad – Krønike I [Demo]

dødskvad – krønike i [demo]


With zero clue what to expect! Dødskvad, possessed me very initially with the album artwork, which appears like resting abode (or ruins!) of ancient spirits. Being totally intrigued by this visual invocation, I led myself to explore and it was a fascinating surprise to find that, members of Desolation Realm, The Konsortium, and Obliteration made pact and unearthed  their debut tape, “Krønike I”, which is out now in tape cassette format through Caligari Records.

It still the twist that, even in modern era, best Death Metal these days is often hidden in the demos, deep in the underground. Dødskvad, from Norway come across with a touch of early 1990’s Scandinavian Death Metal, combined with Norwegian sensibilities for melody. Far from one dimensional, it has it all: Dynamics, melodies and wide array of ever malicious riffs spearheaded by traditional leads, blackened hints, and haunting synths. Songs dive from almost ambient like moods to a full-on battery to incredibly mysterious and supernatural movements that simultaneously sounds strangely inviting and transforming. I had to do a bit of digging to figure out the meaning of three demos, but the band name translates to “death kvad,” the latter of those words meaning something along the lines of “song.”

First two songs of “Krønike I” (translating to Chronicle I); “Rike I Ruiner” (translating to Kingdom In Ruins) and “Adelråte” (some form of “decay”), will welcome with its unsettling tones and straightforward Death Metal, which possibly taken right out of ’80s death history book. The very menacing essence of the movements, will make you picture everything that made masterpieces like, “Leprosy” and “Abduction of Limbs”. The third track is a mystery of its own. “Pakt Med Dypet” (meaning Covenant With Death), is where dungeon-like synths creep their way in from the trailing end of the previous song, dropping feelings of abandonment and rust. You’d expect something more sinister to follow, but the mood lightens up with guitar work more reminiscent to classic heavy metal acts. This massive eight-minute epic will be your portal to the depths of death and dismay.

Honestly, it’s not a surprise something of this sort has garnered the attention and support of Caligari Records, who by the way have been slowly and carefully building a temple of obscurities and rarities since their inception. Hence, consider Dødskvad a noteworthy addition to the remarkable list of inhabitants on the label and “Krønike I” may well be just the initiation of many more unfathomable things to arise from this sinister force. (Rocky)

Caligari Records

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