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Morbid Messiah – Disgorged in the Coffin [EP]

morbid messiah – disgorged in the coffin [ep]

The brutal intensity of Morbid Messiah’s sound demonstrates a capacity for evolution, remaining in progress, the way they compose their music, as well as intend to present it.

Although traditional Death Metal old school here presented, without surprises or anything refreshing, that allows me to assume that Morbid Messiah, doesn’t intend to change anything in their sound and I appreciate it a lot, they just keeping a pure formula exposed on this excellent new EP entitled “Disgorged in the Coffin”. Honestly I think, this will be only one more register in the discography legacy of these Mexicans.

Talking more about what I found, in this new EP and what caught my attention, is present in the insane vocals that are very well framed, in each of the hymns to death presented here. The guitars assuming an important role with their riffs run over by magnificent solos and very well executed too. The bass is introduced in a simple way and it seems only serves to fill the dead parts of each song, but analysing well its performance, is remarkable and much more than that, as I could verify in each audition and where its performance becomes fundamental. The drums present an elaborated work, being the foundations of the sonority itself, with a perfectly elaborated work and in an intelligent way, very well executed.

As I stated at the beginning of my insignificant opinion about this record, it doesn’t present anything refreshing and honestly, that was the main reason that made me like this new EP so much, where I found and realize that Morbid Messiah, stays true to its influences and origins.

When I look at the art used for the cover of this EP, I immediately feel my carcass asking, to discovering and listening, what is presented here. Everything fits perfectly so I suggest to all the cadavers who like to hear well executed Old School Death Metal, do not leave this record aside, because although it is nothing new or fancy, for sure is something I recommend, to all followers of the most insane and pure Underground. (Slaughter Beelzebub)