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Ritual Laceration – I [Demo]

ritual laceration – i [demo]


Having the low key production is kinda descriptory for black metal and through the decades it literally became the law and the quality of the records was getting measured by the lack of quality. After a certain amount of years, the simple lack of production just didn’t cut it any more, something had to be mixed into it, to make one of the most extreme and violent genres sound even more extreme and violent. At least that’s my idea on how blackened noise came to be.

Ritual Laceration is another of those bands people never heard of, yet they just stormed in at the end of June with their demo and set a new standard in this young, small genre. Since there are very few rules you need to follow to play this kind of genre, the artists have to be very creative to separate themselves from the rest. Ritual Laceration do that by playing an in particularly bestial combination of black metal and noise, throwing in some grindcore and war metal elements and spice it up with dual bass (some of you might find that derogatory to the album, but give it a listen first. It’s executed really well and it does not lessen the quality of this release). To top everything off, there is swinging between screaming and growling, which adds an interesting note to the record.

This demo is brutal and very direct, since its 6 songs come in less than 12 minutes. It’s actually difficult to believe that there is enough room for any progression or advancement on it, but its done and it sounds confident. It’s mostly noticeable in the drumming, which gets more and more savage with every song, but the rest of the instruments don’t need too much persuasion to follow.

As far as I know, this is the first release by this band and I don’t know if I heard any of the members playing somewhere else, but that doesn’t actually matter. If they are able to keep this up, they are definitely on the threshold of something huge (may it be fame in the underground or hell… to some, those two are actually the same). (Black Mary)

Ritual Laceration

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