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Dipygus – Deathooze

dipygus – deathooze


One sunny day in California, four Cro-Magnons wandered out of their caves to forage. Startled by the bright sunlight they scampered into an open field. Laying on the ground, glowing in beams of light breaking through the clouds, were a microphone, a bass, a guitar, and a drum skit. Whispered from the sky, a prophecy was laid down, “You were gathered to create Death/Doom to move concrete jungles and beat the brow of all humankind. Now go forth and decimate.” The four wandered toward the instrument that drew them, gathering them up and taking the first steps toward greatness. With these gifts from unimaginable sources, and their blood pumping with feverish purpose, they began to create earth-quaking music.

I missed out on their demo, but their EP “Long Pig Feast” immediately caught my attention, not just because of the great name, though that helped. Their sound was concrete-cracking, monumental, and slow-moving Death/Doom that hooked me instantly. I spent what seemed like forever waiting for even a whisper from their cave for new material; smash-cut to a couple months ago, Caligari Records announces the upcoming “Deathooze” and released the single “Corpseflower” on an unsuspecting public. From the first listen to “Corpseflower”, starting with an excellent horror movie sample, to the killer song that follows, I was hooked; after replaying it so many times that I had every single note, growl, and reverb noise memorized, it was time to pre-order the tape.

The deep, dark, and morbid sounds on “Deathooze” come from Dayan Weller on bass and backing vocals, Samuel Boodt on drums, Dustin Ponkovilneus on guitar, and Clarisa Bermudez-Eredia as vocalist extraordinaire. First and foremost, whichever person, or persons, that chose the samples to use needs a very specific award, let’s call it the Sampies, for choosing exquisite sections from obscure sources that blend with the music perfectly. To fully understand my compliments on the samples, it is worth noting, I usually hate them; often goofy, or something repeated across many releases (looking at you Evil Dead!), it is truly rare when the samples even matter. The music is pitch-perfect for this style; the guitars varying between buzzing to hammering, the bass is low and deep, the drums bound or crawl as is necessary.

“Deathooze” is really a perfect album from beginning to end; every single song is memorable, individual, and worthy of recognition. In the interest of brevity I’ll mention just a few of the seven superb tracks. The first I have to mention is my absolute favorite, the second I hear the beginning of the opening sample, I can’t help but anticipate the filth of “Corpseflower”. I thought I’d have burnt myself out on this song by now, considering how many times I’ve played it; as a pre-order, I listened to the digital endlessly, after receiving I promo, I kept coming back, and now on tape, I can’t wait for it to roll back around. Deloy’s Ape opens with a truly horrible sample serving as the springboard into the song which matches the intensity of the clip.

Dipygus is added to a long running list of bands I really need to see live, as everything on the album was flawless and immensely heavy. If you are even remotely a fan of Death/Doom Metal this is going to be an essential album for you. Really I love every song on this album, and with no exaggeration is my favorite release of the year so far. Go buy it before you can’t anymore! (EthanM)


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