Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Seventh Circle – Cycle of Violence [Demo]

seventh circle – cycle of violence [demo]

Extreme Metal in the vein of Autopsy which is a bit twisted. And no, I’m not talkin’ about some burnt decay…

Joshua Gutjahr and Daniel Cornejo are the ones responsible for this, one of gruesome twosome has a cat in his arms on the bandphoto, just mentioning it…I know it will score points for some of you. Something that will also score points: Autopsy influences. The doom-ridden (with disease) yet roaring riffs with slow drum patterns are all over the place and creates the fundament of this evil sounding recording. These guys mix it a bit with early 90s dark gothic/industrial twists, which can fully heard on a track like “Babalon”.

I can do without that particular influence, but the Godflesh connection could be something that is worthwhile for you as I enjoy the Autopsy parts. (Ricardo)