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Sacrilegion – From Which Nightmares Crawl

sacrilegion – from which nightmares crawl


Hailing from Mormon country, Salt Lake City in Utah, Sacrilegion were originally founded as a one man project in 2018 by Connor Carlsson. Since those early demo days, Connor has expanded the band into a fully fledged Death Metal quartet, and this year has seen the release of their debut album ‘From Which Nightmares Crawl’, released on both CD and cassette by Chaos Records. Sacrilegion have transitioned into a full band pretty well and they churn out a very listenable brand of standard Death Metal with definite old school overtones. An impressive collision of unceasing drum based hostility and rumbling bass tones set the foundation for this very listenable album, and the unwavering growling onslaught from Connor Carlsson more than matches them for ferocity. Joining Connor on guitar duty is the amazingly named Geronimo Santa Cruz and the pair of them bring this album to life through a series of expansive guitar leads as well as a host of grouchy sounding, aggressive Death Metal riffs. As an album ‘From Which Nightmares Crawl’ flows very nicely indeed and does have a few little surprises in store for you in terms of melody and rhythm. For the bands next release I’d definitely like to hear them expand on their sound and not stagnate into more of the same, though lyrically they are very advanced and convey the true horrors of darkness and obscurity extremely well, with the odd blasphemous bout of rabble rousing here and there. (Marksson)


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