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Eyemaster – Conjuration Of Flesh [EP]

eyemaster – conjuration of flesh [ep]


As someone who has an odd attraction to and a love for eyes in art, ‘Conjuration Of Flesh”s cover art and the actual name of this band, Eyemaster, already hit me in a way that makes my endorphins surge uncontrollably. I mean, come on, just look at that delectable ungulating mass of flesh with teeth, mouths and plenty of those delightful eyes I love so much. And honestly with Eyemaster as a name, to be a master of those eyes that drive me so crazy just makes me have to be in love with this release already. Master says so.

On top of all of that this mighty Death Metal power trio of a band from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany just so happens to be teamed up with one of the best labels with some of the outright best releases out there right now, the one and only Caligari Records (Seriously, check out their roster, it’s absolutely phenomenal). Who not only have handled the release of this, their stellar debut EP but they also handled Eyemaster’s 2021 attention grabbing demo 7 inch ‘Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime’.

So yeah, my odd love for eyes, the fabulous label that they are associated with and just saying once that it is stellar really doesn’t help you understand what ‘Conjuration Of Flesh’ sounds like. Does it? Not really and that’s a huge part of why we all read reviews. Right? So, I’m truly sorry for going beyond my bounds and will try to carry on accordingly. Master would like it  that way.

To be outright frank and honest here, I feel like what Eyemaster’s ‘Conjuration Of Flesh’ sounds like in the end is still what my friend Ricardo described in his review of ‘Charcoaled Remains/Festering Slime’, which is still always available to read right here on the almighty VM-Underground. And what he just so happened to say they sounded like is; “Entombed and Grave with Autopsy and Pungent Stench…”, “Adding a Nirvana 2002 vibe which hangs around as a veil as well…”. Which in short sounds fucking fabulous. Period.

And while their core sound is still the same as before, the progression and improvement in the overall songwriting and execution is quite noticable. It’s a true step up, as is the production value of this recording. For it sounds fantastic. There is just the perfect level of filth and slime covering the affair while still having a clarity to every aspect that you would want. Honestly the perfect sound and feel for this type of Death Metal.

So, in the end I would have to say that Eyemaster’s ‘Conjuration Of Flesh’ is absolutely out-fucking-standing. Start to finish, these four tracks coming in at about twenty minutes fucking kick ass with an Old School Death Metal sound that is sure to please anyone who likes Death Metal in general. Eyemaster have given us yet another example of the new Golden Age Of Death Metal I have mentioned before. Honestly it is really that fucking good. The eyes tell me what to do and they told me so.

Caligari Records

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