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Nachtig – Nachtig

nachtig – nachtig

Nachtig from Germany play depressive/atmospheric Black Metal with a very raw sound. When I listened to the record, I had to ask myself the question, how many more depressive Black Metal bands do we need or in other words how many more can we handle? I live in Austria, apparently the perfect breeding ground for depressive Black Metal like Harakiri For The Sky, Ellende or Karg, I have to admit that my standards are very high.

You can tell that Nachtig are definitely trying and there are some parts in these 6 long tracks, over 55 minutes, they are great to listen to, but in my opinion the duration of the songs is too long. Sometimes I waited for the musical climax but unfortunately it didn’t appear. For me personally a good depressive Black Metal album should catch the listener and just let the mind drift away. The approach is good and there are moments when the right mood is build up very well but the art is to keep it. There is still work to be done on the execution, but you can hear the potential is there. Just stay on the path.

In the right moments Nachtig takes the listener through a weeping forest full of sorrow. At any event this is not an easy and short hike but when you are a fan of depressive Black Metal, give it a try. Maybe you will find more access to the record than I did. (HaCeBo)