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Muvitium – Evighetens cirkel…

muvitium – evighetens cirkel…


I’ve long been critical of one man projects, mainly one man Black Metal projects, who release numerous albums in a short amount of time, negating quality for an over-saturation of quality. Taken at face value that’s what is on offer here. Muvitium is a Swedish one man Black Metal project who in the space of around six months has unleashed no fewer than three full length albums. In opposition to that opinion are some cold hard facts. Each album has been released through well respected labels. (The first two through Amor Fati Productions, and both on vinyl, and now Mysticism Productions / Purity Through Fire on CD and digital.) Plus, if new album “Evighetens Cirkel…” is anything to go by, the quality of both production and song writing is surprisingly high, leading me to think of the age old saying; never judge a one man Black Metal project by it’s quantity of output. Enough rambling…

“Evighetens Cirkel…” or translated from Swedish as ‘The Circle of Eternity’ is a cold, brooding slab of old school Scandinavian Black Metal, right down to it’s roots. From the monotone misty forest scene artwork (which in my humble opinion is the kind of imagery that never ceases to satisfy) to the rasping vocal work, muffled, slightly tinny drumming, sparse synth work and brazen, ice laden riffs, this is an album derived from pure early 90’s Black Metal worship. Yet this is no easy cheap knock off from the past. Instead, a multi-faceted experience of gripping Arctic melodies, soaring riffs and subtle melodic undertones all conspire to ensnare the listener. From the synth laden beginnings of “Evig Vandring Till GamlaRiken” (Which translates to the wonderfully evocative “Eternal Hike to the Old Kingdom”) to the Burzum inspired harmonies and atmosphere of “De Viskande Vindarna” (The Whispering Winds’) whose prominent dusky bass tones sound out joyously loud and clash energetically with pulsating blast beats and murky ethereal synth, this is an album of extreme beauty, inspired by nature in it’s simplicity and wonder but tempered by her treacherous whims.

A truly atmospheric offering, the album highlights each instrumental and technical talent of it’s creator, Swartadauþuz, a man whose creative juices flow into many other projects including Azelisassath, Bekëth Nexëhmü and Digerdöden to name but three. On the basis that “Evighetens Cirkel…” is such a captivating and enthralling listen, an experience of wonderfully flowing bleak harmonies, multi-paced surges of determined riffs, and for me personally, just the right kind of early 90’s sound that I find some agreeable, I’d be tempted to not just check out this and his two preceding albums, but his other projects too. (Heathen of the Horde)


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