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K.F.R – L’enfer à sa source

k.f.r – l’enfer à sa source


(… The Suffering … the sweet, sweet Suffering …)

“L’Enfer à sa Source” is an album that was simultaneously released with that other master piece, “Démonologue”. I forgot to tell you this last time, that both albums are exclusive and very limited editions, issued by the German tyrant, called Purity Through Fire – label/patron/specialist in the dark arts.

Basically, “L’enfer à sa Source” (Hell at its source / core) goes hand in hand with “Demonologue”. However, there are tiny details which make this album a wee bit different. The abrasive and mentally disturbing guitars are still omnipresent. So are the vitriolic vocals from mastermind Max Taccardi – and they still remind me of a poisonous cocktail of the ugliness from Vlad Tepes, Mayhem’s Atilla, the vocalist from Herxsebet (Mexico) and early Mütiilation.  We’re in elite company here, disciples …

The difference with “L’Enfer à Sa Source” are the more emphasized & accentuated  bad acid/spaced out sound effects, a more “industrial” cold feeling and the deeper drums.  Deeper, in a sense that they sound more harder or more prominent in the mix. Some serious pounding, if you know what I mean. The global sound appears to be more cohesive and ‘evolved’ in a sense of perversion. Let’s say this is the final descent into hell itself.

It’s also possible that I may have suffered some neural damage after numerous listening sessions of the “Démonologue” album – I guess we’ll never find out …

A cacophony of chaos, noise, non-talented musicianship, rotten creepy vocals and freaky sound effects, reverb and echo/delay eventually morphs itself into a sublime slab of the darkest, satanic Black Metal insanity, ever conceived.

Does it still makes sense to you, people?  Believe me when I say, it actually does. This must be the closest thing to hell itself at this very day and age.

On a personal note – I hereby dare you, nay … I DOUBLE DARE you to buy a copy of this infernal demonic symphony, along with the other one, because it is hard to stand on only one leg.

The 9 minute + “Anathème de l’Envie” definitely is one the pièces de résistance on this album. For over 9 minutes, primordial evil is rail-gunned through your ears, causing a sensory overload in your grey matter and instantly activating the ‘reptile brain’ section.

As coldness begins to set in and the shadows are coming alive to swallow the light, you suddenly realize your very soul is already hell-bound and you have become a slave to darkness. Hell … has no beginning and it has no ending – you know you’re already lost … still … the title track of the album, “L’Enfer à Sa Source”,  aka the final strike – brutally bashes you to shreds during its length of a staggering 12 minutes and 32 seconds. The is the way hell works … there’s always an encore to finish off the job. Max Taccardi completes the Ceremony in all its blackened, evil, repulsive and uttermost foul glory … Salvé !!

It is a well-known fact that the Devil has always had the best tunes.

And me? I’ll be fine – the paramedics are already on their way as you read this.

One more time: fans of seriously demented, twisted, satanic violence and demonic rapture … Abruptum, Mütiilation, Herxsebet, Lycanthropic Winter Moon, even early Godflesh, … the list of atrocities is long and serves a pavement on which you will walk on – to the road to hell. Noise-mongers, BM masochists, potential terrorists, sociopaths, liberal minded adventurers, hell seekers, trendies and posers: you know what to do … Buy or die. Just read the earlier passage about ‘dare’ … to venture in uncharted musical territory.

“L’Enfer à sa source” is another unique album in every possible sense. A milestone of the worst of the worst in Black Metal music.


I rest my case.

Parental advisory: not recommended for feeble minded persons, people who are sensitive to depressions, mental breakdowns or potential burn outs. And a big ‘no-no’ for border-liners, schizophrenics and other basket cases … (LCF)

Purity Through Fire

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