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Meuchelmord – Waffenträger

meuchelmord – waffenträger


Meuchelmord, which translates as treacherous murder, is a one-man project lead by Cernunnos. A rather industrious musician who has always released no less than four full length albums in the past.

The albums opens with the sound of marching boots and a very grim guitar chord flowing into the first real track, “Wolga-Bataillon”. Everything that is needed to produce raw, sharp Deutsches Schwarzmetall is being used and present on this album: militaristic drumming patterns, pounding blastbeats, blistering cold and razorsharp metallic guitars. Vocalwise Cernunnos uses a very loud, extremely raw, raging and high pitched screaming Black Metal type of voice, complete with German lyrics. And he does manage to stay above the audial storm of this merciless Black Metal hurricane.

The potent mix of this album meets all the requirements of the genre. And personally, I just love that fat, meaty hammering drum sound. Meuchelmord turn into the equivalent of a rolling German Panzertank on their more slower and treathening tracks, like the punishing “Kaltes Land”. Subtle details like gun fire, the earlier mentionned stomping boots, sound stock samples only add to the grimness of “Waffenträger”. Songs like “Grabenkampf”, Feuersturm” or “Flakfeuer” each stand on their own with individuality, a very dynamic range of violence and variation…. This type of pure, harsh German Black Metal really does increase the adrenaline in one’s body when it rages in full Blitzkrieg style through your ears.

As for the themes and inspirations on “Waffenträger”: it paints the horrors and atrocities of World War II, without glorifying this dark page in history. So before you start storming the barricades of righteousness and other pathetic forms of so-called ‘political correctness’, Meuchelmord are everything, but a NSBM band. Remember this, folks. Has it ever occurred to some of you that Black Metal wouldn’t even be possible in a fascist regime?

There seem to be two exclusive bonus tracks on this CD: “Firestorm” with guest vocals from the multi talented Hrafn from Úlfarr, Nefarious Dusk, Atra Mors, etc. and Tyant on “Kylmä maa”. The brilliant vocalist/musician in Infernarium, Kalmankantaja  and Malum. These two bonus tracks alone justify purchasing this album.

I highly recommend this solid and top notch produced album to everyone who likes to hear raw, harsh, authentic German Schwarzmetall, as hard as the proverbial Kruppstahl. And on a personal note I salute Purity Through Fire for their efforts in releasing quality albums and for recognizing the true essence of Black Metal music. (LCF)


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