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K.F.R. – Démonologue

k.f.r. – démonologue


K.F.R., one of the many and most prolific musical outlets of Maxime Taccardi, one thé most notorious and controversial artists of this decade – often being heralded as the Michelangelo of the Devil and using his own blood to paint his horrifying master pieces, has been a physical reality and entity since the release of the “Anti” debut album in 2014.

I shamefully have to admit that I missed out on that one because of its rather techno/rave-like name K.F.R. amidst an avalanche of bands with a more orthodox satanic name in that particular time frame.

Actually, the band name or moniker K.F.R. stands for “kāfir” which could be translated as “infidel” or “disbeliever” in Arabic.

I didn’t miss out on his “De Vermiis Mysteriis” album (2017) though – a more dark ambient vampiric type of Black Metal with a profound nature and several undetected sublevels of occult putrid sound collages … and therefore I am very well aware of the musical antics, Maxime Taccardi is capable of …

But we’re drifting off here. “Démonologue” is the 7th full length album of K.F.R., being released by Purity Through Fire, who probably had noted the intrinsic value of K.F.R.

The album kicks off with an intro (“Invocation”) full of haunting & eerie sounds, before “Asmodée” (Asmodeus) begins. Raw Black Metal guitars, stripped down to their very essence and interwoven with delays and reverb, as well as creepy sound effects and the prophetic sulphuric voice of Maxime (a mixture of Atilla from Mayhem, Meyhna’ch in his Mütiilation days and even that unknown lunatic from Lycanthropic Winter Moon)

…Maxime assimilates them all and creates a vehement hybrid puking of putrid, decaying vocals. His vocals conduct and guide the music of K.F.R. in a downward spiral to the Abyss.

Normally, you’d expect something like this on Signal Rex or Harvest Of Death.

‘Azazel’, ‘Abaddon’, the relentless climaxing of ‘Lucifer’, all these songs have been injected with unexpected details and recurring effects, that burst open from time to time like a ripe abscess, oozing demonic pus all over the listener and never granting him/her a split second of reprieve.

Even played at a low volume – the sound of “Démonologue” manages to fill the room with an unsettling air of stinking darkness and rancid cold fear. Especially that last track, ‘La Chute’ (The Fall) is a traumatic experience, even for the seasoned noise mongers amongst you, maniacs.

You like your stuff pretty extreme and over the top, such as the old LLN, Vetala, Lycanthropic Winter Moon, Mayhem on acid, the essence of the Dutch Domini Inferi, IRAE, Abruptum and other satanic terrorists?

You’re the type of misanthropic, depressive auto-destructive BM fanatic, hellbent on substance abuse, razor blades, with a total disregard of all morals and no real sense of beliefs in this decaying world we live in? “Political Correctness” is a phrase that is totally alien to you? You don’t fit in? You hate life?

Then: by all means, this is thé shit you’ve been waiting for.

“Démonologue” has it all – including the most brilliant sublevels of sound effects, disturbing little details and a suffocating atmosphere like the earlier works of Leviathan or Xasthur.

And the more you listen to it, the more it will make sense to you, believe me.

This album is one of the master pieces of demonic revelations … ever! An ointment on the festering pain we all suffer from: life and the weakness of our own flesh.

Besides, this album is way cheaper than seeing a shrink.

A well-deserved MAXIMUM score for this SUBLIME  album.  Jump on it like you were a pack of rabid wolves! (LCF)

Purity Through Fire

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