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Triacanthos – Apotheosis

triacanthos – apotheosis


Emerging from the underground Black Metal scene, Texas-based band Triacanthos has introduced their audacious debut album ‘Apotheosis’. The album encapsulates the rebellious spirit that is deeply ingrained in the genre, underlining the band’s full commitment to the ethos of Black Metal.

In its entirety, ‘Apotheosis’ offers an unfiltered and deeply unsettling auditory journey, rich with classic Black Metal elements, amplified by a dense, ominous atmosphere. Triacanthos makes a deliberate choice to stay away from the polished, commercialized sound that mainstream metal often adopts, leaning into a gritty and raw aesthetic instead. This choice isn’t simply a homage to Black Metal’s early days, but a rebellious stance against the commercialization of the genre.

The album’s compositions, while having an underlying sense of repetition, create an eerie and captivating foundation, amplified by remarkable vocal efforts and simple yet powerful guitar work. The tracks offer varying soundscapes, introducing catchy riffs that hold onto the grim atmosphere inherent in Black Metal. With dramatic and rhythmic instrumentals, the music successfully establishes an unnerving, yet captivating ambience.

One can find in this album a meaningful nod to the legends of North American Black Metal. The homage, in its raw and pure form, resonates with long-time Black Metal enthusiasts, showing a deep respect and understanding of the genre’s roots.

Despite its strength as a debut, ‘Apotheosis’ occasionally lacks a unique or fresh perspective, making it crucial for Triacanthos to move beyond their comfort zone for their future works. To create a lasting impact, the band needs to carve out a more distinct identity that sets them apart from others in the genre.

All in all, ‘Apotheosis’ is a solid debut that lays a strong foundation for Triacanthos. The album, infused with traditional Black Metal spirit, points to a promising future for the band. If they continue refining their craft and developing their distinct sound, Triacanthos has the potential to rise from the depths of the underground and leave a significant mark on the broader Black Metal scene. As a debut, ‘Apotheosis’ signifies the beginning of an intriguing musical journey.


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