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Nattfog – Pohjan porteilta

nattfog – pohjan porteilta

Since I started out with my first review being Finnish Black Metal, I thought I’d stick with Finland once again. This time, Nattfog with their compilation album entitled, “Pohjhan Portelita” through Purity through Fire Records.

On this, you get 3 recordings…first off, 3 new tracks of their top tier Finnish Filth. Second, you get 2 re-recorded older tracks. Being a fan since they/he started, I must admit the recordings are, for me, better than the originals which is a rare thing for me to say. Moving onward, the last 2 tracks are lifted from 2018’s EP entitled “Varjoista….” also released by Purity through Fire Records.

From the first riff to the last note, this sounds dangerous and feral and on the prowl for fresh prey. Basically, the music is a mirror image of the awesome cover. I’m not sure if Adelwolf used session members on any of the recordings, as he’s known as a drummer and drums for the incredible Norns. I mean seriously, what Finnish musician plays in just one band? Haha, back to the musick….honestly, I get the same vibe and feeling listening to Absurd, Goatmoon, Bilskirnr, and even some raw, melodic Swedish Black Metal. Oddly enough, besides that Finnish sound creeping in, this really doesn’t sound like typical Finnish BM, which is unique and a bit refreshing. I really hear a lot more western Scandinavia and central Europe if anything. Great record with lots of variety in the songs and tempos. You get it all. Some of these riffs will stick in your head for days.

Again, vety catchy, very raw with a production that compliments it. Contact Purity through Fire Records or your local Filth Dealer and pick this nasty piece of Black Metal up. You won’t be disappointed.  (LOD666)